Vlado Bača is undoubtedly one of the best photographers, active on the scene for quite a long time. Despite the fact that he deals with various motifs in his work, we can identify favorite, characteristic elements accompanying a significant part of his rich work. The person of a woman and an unconventional environment. Components that he often uses in the creation of advertising, thus avoiding the usual and worn-out ways of representation.

Vlado Bača's entire work so far presents his effort to see photography through different eyes and thus bring new ideas into this sphere, which is mainly documented by his work in the field of advertising photography, in an area where innovative ideas are more than welcome. However, it also brings substantial enrichment to the environment of nude and glamor photography or landscape photography.

The significance of his name in the context of Slovakian, but undoubtedly also world photography, is indicated by the considerable number of awards he has received during his life so far, or honors in the form of published photographs at home and abroad. However, the artist is undoubtedly most represented by his work itself, which speaks for itself and is also unforgettable thanks to the charm of his personality.

Katarína Markovičová: Photographic work of Vlado Bača/ 2015, bachelor's thesis - (Pan-European University).



2004  Certificate QEP - Qualified European Professional Photographer (FEP – Brussels, Belgium)

2006   Awards nominee  „Henkel Art Awards“,  Wien,  Austria,  Awards nominee  „Personality of Slovak photography”, Bratislava, Slovakia

2009   Silver and Bronze Awards FEP, Brussels, Belgium

2010   Gold Award- FEP, Brussels, Belgium

2013   Silver award – The Epson Pano Awards, (Australia)

2014   FEP, Brussels (Belgium) finalist (landscape category)

2018   FEP, Dublin (Ireland) silver awards (landscape category)

2019   Slovak Press Photo 2019 finalist (environment category)

 2022  Bronze award – The Epson Pano Awards, (Australia)

2023   Finalist FAPA- Fine Art Photography Awards (London), landscape category



2002   - "New York - The day before...", Pálfy palace, Bratislava, Slovakia

2003 - "New York - The day before...", Šariš gallery, Prešov, Slovakia

2007 -  „Shapes of body“, Czestochowa, Poland

 2008 - „ From Intimate diary“, The Museum of Art Žilina, Slovakia

2009 - „Pictures under Rozsutec Hill“, Karlsruhe, Germany

 2010 - „ From Intimate diary“, Slovak Institut, Berlin, Germany

 2011 - „From Intimate diary“, Orava Gallery, Dolný Kubín, Slovakia

 2013 - „From Intimate diary“, Slovak Institut, Moscow, Russian

2015 - „Secrets“ – castle Rona, Lednické Rovne/   „Selection of From Intimate  Diary“, SOHO Gallery, Žilina

*„Park 1977/ 2015“, Regional cultural center, Žilina, Slovakia

2016 -  „Landscapes of my hearts“, Slovak house, Prague, Czech republic/  *„Park 1977/2016“  City Hall Žilina, Slovakia

2017 - „People and landscape under Rozsutec Hill“, City Hall, Žilina

2022 - „Shapes and Changes“, Rosenfeld palace, Žilina/  „ Modified landscape, Budatín castle, Žilina/ *„Shapes and Changes & Modified landscape, Galanta, Slovakia/  *„Shapes and Changes“, Magna Gallery, Piešťany, Slovakia


2006 - The Museum of Art Žilina/ Slovakia  *„Foto SK 2006“, Bratislava castle, Bratislava, Slovakia

2007 - „Foto SK 2006“, Slovak Institute, Budapest, Hungary

 2008 - „Foto SK 2006“,  Brussels, Belgium „Selection of members/   *APFCR“, Prague,  Czech Republic/  *„Slovak retrospective“     The Slovak members FIAP, Bratislava/  *„Lux Collegium“, Bratislava, Slovakia/  *„Lux Collegium“, Moravská Třebová, Czech Republic

2009 - „ Príjemné závislosti“, Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

2010 - „Selection of members APFCR No 2“, Vsetín, Czech Republic/  *„Slovak retrospective“  The Slovak members FIAP/  *Slovak Institut,  Budapest/ Hungary

2012 - Members of photographers SVU, Košice, Slovakia

2015 - Members of FORMA, Umelka Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia/   *Aircraft Gallery, Bratislava/ Slovakia

2016 - SOHO Gallery, Žilina/ Slovakia

2019 - Slovak Press Photo 2019, House of Art, Bratislava/ Slovakia


2000 - „PHOTO ANNUAL 2000“ (publishing  Graphis, New York/   * “NUDE 3“  (publishing Graphis, New York/ USA

2005 - Actual publication of members Certificate QEP

2006 - „Foto SK 2006“ - almanac The selection  of 13 Slovak photographers

2008 - Photo Art – magazin fine art photography, Czech republic  *Monograph „Pictures under Rozsutec Hill/  * Monograph „Žilina   in photos“

2017 - Monograph Park 1977/ 2017

 2018 - Monograph „Vlado Bača: My Story of Photography“


2016 - „Intimate diary“ and "Route 66"

2017 - „Paris mon amour“, „ Carnival in Venice“ and „ Intimate/   *Landscapes in B/W“

2018 - „Wonder of the West“ / *„Intimate Landscapes“

2019 – „The Best Photos of Photomodel Tina“